I am sure that you all have heard for this gadgets ( they are so last year ) and probably lots of you using them, but these are my discoveries J . I am so not into the technology! I try to use just as much as I need although, I do admire to all the accomplishments in that field. So maybe some of you will find this post so passé, but they made my life so much easier so I decide to give them a little respect 🙂



The one and only! I have tried 3 blenders for 5 months and Nutribullet is a winner. I got it as a Christmas present from my husband. I have wanted it for so long but it was hard to find it here in Spain so he order it online, to give me as a surprise and he could get me better one. It is so easy to use, I make smoothies, soups, batter for pancakes, energy balls, everything! It made my cooking life so much easier! Thanks honey! :*


USB for Iphone!

This is a must for people like me! If you are one of those people who like to have 6000 pictures on the phone then you need to have this USB because there is no memory that can handle that much.

This was also a present from my husband. He knew how much I like to have all my pictures with me, so he bought me this small thing to care it with me so that I can save all my pictures. Isn`t he the best? 🙂


External hard disk

I don`t have too much to say about this gadget and all of you probably own one, if you don`t, make sure to buy it. I got mine 2 months ago because I tried to update my Windows and somehow I lost all my programs and pictures on my computer. Since then I always back up. It`s a great thing, you need a second to do it and you have one worry less, right? 🙂

Let me know if you have some interesting gadgets for me, I would like to hear from you.