After spending 10 months in Andorra, I think that I have enough to say about this small yet beautiful country. When I heard for the first time that we will live here, my feeling were mixed. First I liked it because it`s Spain and it`s just 2 hours by car from Barcelona, but the next feeling was what I will do there, knowing how small it is. Now I have completely different perspective about Andorra and that`s why I have decide to write a post about Andorra now and not before.

I will not give you the information about Andorra that you can find on Wikipedia, I will talk from my perspective and how I see it.

Andorra la Vella is the highest capital city in Europe, at an elevation of 1,023 metres above the sea. That`s way I like to call it a big wellness centre. It is so peaceful and safe to live here. It`s completely different from all the places that we lived before. In Andorra you have everything that all big cities have but without traffic and pressure. How great is that? The only thing that Andorra is missing is night life (which I am not a big fan ) and more good restaurants. They are few that are very good, but, by my opinion, they need more. I like Andorran cuisine, because it`s a mix of French and Spanish cuisine. There is also shops where you can buy organic products, which is something that really makes me happy. People are here very warm and helpful. That is so important for me because we change places every year and I have to say that here, after 2 months, I felt like home. You can walk everywhere because everything is so close. You have motivation to exercise here, because while walking down the street you will pass at least 3 people who are jogging. There is so many courses that you can take, I start cooking class here! For 30 minutes you can be on the mountain skiing, and for 2 hour you can be on the beach. The architecture is not that representative, but the bridges are. The shopping is great, for all of you who have interest in that area 🙂 . If you live here you can learn 3 languages if you want. They speak Catalan, Spanish and French. I am sure that you can feel Andorra through these pictures that took yesterday. This country is definitely worth visiting. So next time you are in Barcelona, take a bus to Andorra, you won`t regret it!

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  • nice review if you ask me… pics looks great!

    • Ana

      Thank you ! 😊