I decide to write this post just to tell you how I started to eat healthier and how I changed my diet. I have always been interested in knowing how food can be beneficial for you so that`s the first step towards changing your diet. Then you have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself why you want to change your diet. Is it because you want to lose weight or you feel that you need more energy, or you want to have stronger hair and nails, or you just simply doing this for your well- being ! 🙂 Just find some reason, it`s easier to start and then when you make it as a habit, then I hope that you will write me your experience 🙂

At the begging my first source for healthy food was Google search. I started to look more recipes for vegetables, and then I started to read about supplements how to incorporate them into my diet. Mostly I was focused on vitamins and minerals but in form of pill. I still use them, because sometimes I don`t take enough thorough the food. I felt healthy with this diet but I needed to feel more energetic. So that`s when I started to look for healthy life style bloggers. I just wanted to see how some people on daily basis can eat healthy, what`s their life style, their experience, everything. I found few that really inspired me to fell in love with cooking and today I will share them with you.

First one is one and only Jamie Oliver! I just love his recipes and the way he is cooking. I just love people who are so passionate with what they like and he is definitely one of those people. He is a real inspiration in every way!

Gannearo Contaldo is Italian chef! I tried lots of his recipes and every single of them was delicious! He is the best for pasta and fish! What I like about him is the way he tastes his food, just go on his YouTube channel and you`ll see.

Niomi Smart is British life style blogger. I found her randomly and I end up whole afternoon watching her YouTube channel. She is so sweet and I enjoy watching her recipes and what I eat in a day videos. She is Vegan (plant base) and all of her recipes are dairy free so if you are interested in that kind of diet make sure to follow her.

Deliciously Ella is a beautiful food blogger. All of her recipes are very healthy and delicious. They are all very easy to prepare. She has a cook book also so check her blog and if you like get her cook book too 🙂

Tess Ward is another beautiful chef! I recently discovered her and I really like her. She has very simple and easy recipes. So anytime I don`t have any inspirations for cooking and check her blog and voila!

So that`s it! Let me know in the comments what you think about these fantastic 5!