Beachy waves are most-wanted style, no matter the season. Personally like them more on shorter hair. In this post I will show you how to get this hair style for shorter hair using a clipless curling iron and couple of my favourite hair products. I will also show you how to add volume and texture. This technique works on short, medium, and long hair!


I`m starting with my freshly washed hair, this time I didn`t use conditioner because I wanted to curl my hair the same day. My hair tends to get very silky after applying conditioner, so that was the reason why I skipped this step. If you plan to curl your hair on second day, don`t skip it.

Towel or air dry your hair until it is damp. You will want your hair damp before you get started.

img_8873Apply products to your hair. I put mousse, thermo-modelling spray and heat protectant cream. I know that it looks like I am putting a lot of products but it`s not, don’t worry. First I put Nectar Thermique by Kerastase only on my ends, then I put Densifying treatment mousse through my hair from the roots to the tips and as a final step, I spritz my hair with a thermo-modelling spray.

Blow dry your hair. Believe it or not, hair should be about 60 % dry before you start going in with the blow dryer. The longer your hair is exposed to the heat, the more damage is likely to occur. Try to absorb as much moisture as possible with a towel before you pick up your blow- dryer and wait a good 15-20 minutes post shower to give hair a chance to dry. This is also my secret to add more volume to hair.

img_8883Comb out any knots, then section your hair off for easier working. Depending on how much hair you have, you can use any number of partitions. Two is probably enough. I split my hair up into two sections (upper and lower). Now I spritz that section with GHD curl hold spray, and trust me this product worth every penny. It is lightweight spray and it helps to give long lasting, bouncy curls.

img_8888img_8892CURRLING TIME! Wrap hair around a wide-barrel curling wand (I`m using Rowenta curling iron), alternating directions to give hair a wavier and fuller texture.

img_8899 img_8902

Let down top sections of your hair, and repeat.img_8913img_8915Brush out the curls lightly for a wavier look. Take a wide comb and brush out the curls. This isn’t strictly necessary, but it will lead to wavier, and less “curly” hair a.k.a beachy waves 🙂

img_8919 As a final step, spritz your hair with a hair spray like L’Oréal Elnett Satin and scrunch your hair to create matte texture.img_8927