All of you who follow my blog knows that I am a big advocated that the beauty of the skin comes from inside out. Off course we need to take care of our skin from outside too, we need to have good moisturizer, but diet comes first. I couldn`t believe how my skin improved by just including one glass of cold press juice a day. I`ve started with juicing last year and since then I`m doing it 3-5 times per week. When Beauty & Go asked me to try their beauty drinks I was so thrilled, I liked the story behind the brand so I couldn`t say no.

Beauty & Go drinks are enriched with Macro Antioxidant superpowers to fight skin damage form free radicals. They have 5 beauty drinks in range. Skin Revive, Skin Detox, Skin Brilliance, Skin Vitality and Limited Edition- Skin Protector (winter edition). I`ve tried their 2 weeks treatment which include Skin Revive, Skin Detox, Skin Brilliance and Skin Vitality.

So far my favourite is Skin Brilliance. I liked this one the most because in Barcelona this winter was very windy and wind is the worst enemy for my skin (my skin tends to get very dry) and this beauty drink was helping me to improve skin moisture levels. It contains aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid, it moisturise from within and helping to keep skin glowing. This formula helps to protect skin against external and internal aggressors, keeping it heathy and luminous. Just what I needed.

The second that I really enjoyed was Skin energizing drink. It contains pineapple, gingko biloba, gurana,mandarin,mango,persimmon, Vitamin C,B16,B12. This beauty drink gives you such a burst of energy. I like to have it in the morning, because it is so refreshing!

I was also enjoying in Skin Detox and Skin Revive. Skin Detox drink was the first one that I had. I wanted to start with this beauty drink because it is designed to purify, stimulate digestion and eliminate toxins. I figured out that that way was the best way to start helping skin feeling better.

Now it`s time to tell you about the results after 2 weeks.

First I have to say that I don`t have problems with skin, the only thing that my skin is missing is moisture. I need to keep it hydrated in order to have glowy and juicy skin. I also have to mention that I`m following diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, I don`t eat process food, I don`t use artificial sweeteners and other sugars, I`m also having legumes 3 times per week. The reason why I`m saying this is because in order to have heathy skin, having these beauty drinks will help but you need to change your diet. Take out all the process unhealthy food and replace it with healthy options.

Beauty & Go beauty drinks will definitely feed your skin with good stuff and you will see the results.

Let me know what`s your favourite beauty drink  🙂

This post is sponsored by BEAUTY & GO