You can tell I`ve been busy recently as I haven`t found the space to blog.

I say “space” rather than “time” because I probably could have found an hour or so to scribble a quick post. But what I feel I haven`t had much of in the last few months is “space”- space to process, space to think, space to connect to what I`m feeling deep inside, space to my creativity to flourish, space to do that most wonderful of things that I do so rarely now : NOTHING.

My life has changed a lot in so many ways. Don`t get me wrong I enjoy it a lot, but I guess I needed more time to adapt to my “new life”. I still envy some bloggers how they managed to pop up the baby and get back to work so fast 🙂 . I didn`t want to push myself, I just wasn`t ready. Deep inside I felt that I need to be with my baby boy and that`s it.

And now I have this overwhelming feeling of creativity and I feel inspired more than ever to make content for the blog. Looking forward to this new era for my blog!

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SWEATER ( ZARA ) similar





ph.Suncica Zurkovic