Over the months, there have been loads of questions about the products I use regularly. People wanting to know what my skin care routine is, what are my must haves? I have already wrote couple of posts about my skin care, but this one is updated version. My basic routine is Cleanse + Exfoliate or Lotion + Serum + Moisturiser or Sunscreen. Bear in mind, please that I`m in my early 30`s πŸ™‚ and I have quit good skin and it generally feels just fine on its own and I don`t have any major skin concerns. So have in mind that what suits my skin might not suit yours.

In the morning I don`t like to use a face wash, I simply splash with water and then on cotton pad I put some La Roche Eau Micellaire just to moist the skin. At night I always double cleanse with a Massada face gelatine followed by Eau Micellaire. I use Micellaire water to remove my make-up too.


I am pretty committed when it comes to serums. I use just one and I stick with it for at least a month, because otherwise you can`t truly tell what is and isn`t working. I put Black Rose precious face oil by sisley only at night, and at the same time this is my night moisturiser. I find it enough for my skin at the moment, so I don`t need anything else on my skin.

When it comes to moisturiser CrΓ¨me de la Mer moisturizing soft cream is a total winner for me. I use it in the morning, but sometimes I like to put cream with SPF instead. The one that I currently use is Massada DD cream with 25 SPF. For the eye area I am using Sisley eye and lip contour balm. I bought this one for the summer because I wanted some lighter texture. I still using it and I`m very happy with this product. Some random thing that I bought for the summer is refreshing mist by Decleor and still like to use it from time to time. We still do have summer here in Barcelona πŸ™‚

For my body I like to use Jojoba oil. During the summer my skin tend to be dryer because of the sun and the sea. So this year I was using few drops of jojoba oil and I was mixing it with any body lotion that I had. Just don`t mix it with to heavy body lotion. And now I do this once in a week πŸ™‚


I always take care of my hands and at the moment I use regenerating hand cream by Massada which smells divine by the way.