I know that lots of you who doesn`t have a blog think that writing a blog seems so easy and simple, right? I used to be one of those people too, but I will not talk about what I thought, I`d rather talk about what I`ve learned through blogging.

I started writing my first blog when I was 26. As a girlfriend then, now a wife of professional athlete I couldn`t keep up with my career in civil engineering, because we were changing countries every year. So I decided to find something that I could do from any part of the world. Blogging seemed like a good idea because at the same time I have something to do and the best part is that I was making actually a dairy of our life at that moment. Well it was easier said than done. When I stared with my first blog I didn`t have a goal how I want my blog to look like. It was a little bit messy, I have to admit. I was writing about everything, food, fashion, trends, makeup, you name it 🙂 . I had that blog for about 2 years, and I was always struggling with I thought should I stop or should I work harder. In 2015 I decide to say goodbye to my old blog and I stared with the new one. I made a team of very talented people and we made Smile&Style. This blog is so much more than me just telling you about my style, makeup, my travels, and my lifestyle in general. It became such an important part of my life, my place, where I can share my thoughts and things that I like with you. This blog helped me to grow and learn a lot of things about myself.

I will share with you five life lessons I`ve learned through blogging.


I put this as first, but in my head it`s on the last place. Before, it was on the first place, I will not lie. I can count on my one hand fingers who supports my blogging career, and I have so much friends and family. The thing is that everybody sees blogging as a hobby and their favourite sentence is “I don`t understand what you do “or “Can you make money blogging?” In fact, nobody ask you to explain, at least they haven`t ask me 🙂 , but they are ok with that to judge you.  For two years I was struggling to impress my family and friends, to make my blog more interesting for them to read. The truth is if they don`t support you at the begging they never will, so stop pleasing others, and pleas yourself. Do what you like and don`t care what others think, be careful from whom you are taking advices, and believe in yourself and your dreams.


From time to time, some brands send me an offers for collaborations. I don`t have a ton of “followers” but I have some decent traffic. I won`t lie I always get excited when I get proposals for collaborations.  It`s really cool feeling, knowing that a big brand gives you some recognition and takes time to reach out to you. Most of the proposals that I got was brand asking me to write an article featuring them, for free. Some of them wants you to write about the product without even trying them. How am I supposed to feature a brand whose product I haven`t used? This just doesn`t make sense to me. I always make sure to stay true to myself and create the kind of content I`m proud of. While I love collaborating with some amazing brands ( and there are many ), I will not be writing an article featuring a brand whose product I haven`t used, in exchange for a free lipstick. I know that this sound like cliché and every bloggers say it, but to me, it`s not about getting free stuff or only collaboration with brands who are willing to sponsor the post. I don`t want to feel obligate to write about something I wouldn`t personally use. In order to keep your followers you need to stay true to yourself and learn to say “no” to some amazing brands. You should always know you’re worth it and never let others discourage you from doing what you like. I invested a lot in this blog (I use expensive equipment and have a photographer who takes my outfit pictures), so I have to be very selective about the content.


Living abroad can be very hard if you are not social kinda type. This was my case. I don`t make new friend easily. I am also not networking type which is a killing thing for a blogger. With blogging, I learned to do both of these things, at my own peace, on my own terms. I`ve learned how to connect with others and how to build new relationships- both in a personal and business level. I met so many amazing and creative people through blogging. Bottom line, doing things that scare you, getting a little uncomfortable, is good for you. That`s when you are growing.


I used to be terrified of making mistakes. I`m not native English speaker, sometimes I found myself constantly questing everything I write. I used to have (to be precise, I still have) people leaving comments on my blog how I am making grammar errors or spelling mistakes in a posts. Before I did care, now I just say thank you for pointing me out on my mistake, and that`s it. Making mistakes is the only way to learn. You know that old saying “If you are making mistakes it means you`re out there doing something”.


I used to be very judgemental to people. I always had opinion on everything and everybody. Through blogging I learned not to judge people by their appearance. We are all different and we need to accept that and not to judge. I used to think that blogging is such an easy thing to do, but when I started with blogging I saw completely different side of it.  I used to think that fashion blogger are girls who are obsessed with shopping, but at the end, most of them are completely different. Just try to be less judgmental and more curious.

ph.Monika Pavlovic