Don’t you just want to cry when you drop your brand new compact and the powder breaks into a million pieces? But wait! Don’t throw it out and call your losses. You can absolutely put powder back together again and you will have the same consistency!  Here’s how to do it:

POWER TOOLS: 70% alcohol, spatula and paper towel.

  1. MASH IT UP: With your spatula, crush up the entire pan of powder, not just the broken pieces. You essentially are turning the pressed powder back into loose powder.
  2. ADD ALCOHOL: Add at least 10 droppers full of alcohol. You can add a few droppers full at a time to see how much you need.
  3. SMOOTH IT OVER: Now you’ll feel the powder has become creamier which gives you the perfect opportunity to even it out smoothly with your spatula.
  4. PERFECT THE EDGES: Press with the paper towel to even it out and that`s it!

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ph.Monika Pavlovic