A couple of days ago I ran into my first interview for InJournal Magazine. I remember that I`ve just launched my blog. And the title was “Being positive is the most challenging thing nowadays “. It really made me think to write a post on that subject, since I already wrote a post about how to relax. Being relaxed is important, but being happy is also. Balance is the key.

I will share with you from my experience, how I boost my mood and how I have learn to make myself happy. This is not something that will work for everybody, because we are all very unique and we all have special needs. I would also like to know how you boost your mood, it would be nice to exchange thoughts on this subject.

  1. The easiest way to understand this whole story about boosting your mood is that all is up to you. You are the only one who can control your mind-your thoughts. For example, when somebody asks you how are you, by saying great you already have boost your mood, right? If you say, I had better days… well you will have to wait for that better day. It`s easy, you control you mood, and a great thing is that only you are in charge. Next time when someone asks you how are you always say great, even though you are not, because you brain doesn`t see, but he can understand your positive thought.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. Sometimes is hard, especially if someone close to you is very negative. You can`t expect to be happy when you are with negative people. You can always try to talk to them and help, but it they feel comfortable to always feel bad and to look pessimistic on the life, walk away. You don`t have to apologize for wanting to be happy, that`s your choice like their choice is to be unhappy. You know that saying that “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with “. So choose wisely your friends and partners.
  3. Workout. This is something that I refused to believe. Then I meet different type of professional athletes and I have always asked myself, how they can have practice twice a day, and be always up to do something after. Year ago for me that was unbelievable, but now I totally understand. Feeling after workout is better than not working out. I`m not addicted to working out because of my body, I am addicted to the feeling after. You really feel energized and you have more energy than before workout. Have you notice that in a gym is always a good energy and that everybody is smiling and feeling happy? That is not a case in a post office where everybody are sitting, right ? 🙂
  4. Youtube. I like to go on YouTube to watch daily vlogs of some youtubers. It really shifts my mood to see how somebody is having a good day. I also like to watch some motivational speakers like Oprah Winfrey, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer. You can read a good book too. I know that`s it`s hard to move yourself when you are in a bad mood, but if you are aware of it, do it something. Remember, you are in control.
  5. Cooking. Good and tasty food makes you feel better. I am not suggesting you to go and buy your favourite chocolate. What I meat is that you cook something nice, for yourself or for your family. You will make yourself happy by doing something good for somebody and your family will be pleased because they had a tasty meal. After a particularly emotional and stressful day (I had them a lot during some period of my life), l went straight to the supermarket. I bought ingredients and spent several hours cooking in the kitchen. There was something about chopping vegetables, making order, creating something wonderful—that whole process neutralized my negative mental state. That`s how I feel in love into cooking, it helped me in so many ways.

I hope I helped a little bit. I hope that at least one of those 5 things will be helpful to someone who is stuck a little bit.

It would make me very happy if I made someone else happy with this post.

Have a great day!

Ph.Monika Pavlovic