To set the things straight, I like fashion and I do like to follow trends. But as I get older I tend to stay loyal to my style and just to add some new trendy pieces. As you can tell my blog is not all about fashion, well maybe blog is (lately), but if you follow me on other social media you will see that it`s not ( ) .You can see that I like to wear my bag that I have for 4 years, and I still enjoy wearing my Fendi flats that I got 3 years ago, that I like to wear my coat that I bought I can`t even remember where. The point is that there are certain pieces that I own for a long time and that I keep wearing them over and over again. Since I`m not just a fashion blogger I try to show you how I wear clothes that I have in my closet, not just the new stuff that I got. I`m just not the type of the girl who likes to change bag and shoes every day, I prefer to get 2 bag per year or just one and to really enjoy wearing it. I still remember the feeling when I got my first designer bag from my parents and it felt so good that I never wanted to lose that feeling. I`m not saying that I wouldn’t like to have these 4 bags that I currently eyeing on (this this this  and this) but I got one recently and I want to enjoy in that one. You can`t wear them all at once 🙂 .

Enough chatting back to outfit. This is the hippiest that you will get from me. I like seeing girls boho style dressed so I tried to recreate this type of look that will fit to my style. I think that boho style gets back every spring/summer, but usually starts with Coachella, this year Beychella. It is so easy to wear it. I got this dress from Scotch&Soda and the vest is sooo old, it`s H&M. I finished the look with ankle boots. Hope you like it! What type of fashionista are you?

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