For a long time I wanted to write a post on this subject. I think that time has come 🙂 . I want to say that I am not nutritionist and I haven`t studied anything that has to do with medicine or with the food. This post will be based on my own research and the courses that I attended.

I was actually thinking to call this post “wellness-lifestyle” but then I realized that food plays a big role in this movie, so it sounded better to call it “My relationship with food”.

I begin my research on this topic for more than 3 years now. At the begging I was just reading about it on internet, google was my best friend for this 🙂 .Then I bought few books on this subject. The reason why I started to be interested in this was because I was amazed how people back in the history were taking plants and the food to heal themselves, also I believe that it`s better to treat the cause, not the symptom. So heathy life style is something that has been always part of my interest, as far as I can remember. I remember when I was a little girl the only way to make me eat the food that I don`t like was my telling me that is good for my health. After doing my researches on internet and after reading few books, talking to some people who already have heathy lifestyle, I made my own opinion about it. I began to listen my body ( that`s a must if you want to change your lifestyle ), how I feel after certain food, I wanted to know why sometimes I have craving for certain food, why I had stomach problem after eating certain food and so on. I have always knew that everything comes from inside, so that`s why I thought that I could treat everything with heathy diet and heathy mind. It turns out to be true. And it turns out to be the hardest thing to do 🙂 . Lifestyle changes are hard, but just at the beginning, but isn`t it everything? It`s always hard to start, but after you will ask yourself how I lived before 🙂 .

How to start? Well first do a little research, for example, let`s just say that you want to feel more energized during the day. Google it and find some recipes for fresh squeezed juices. That is something that will for sure give you more energy. Then do a little research about all the ingredients that goes into the juice. Then read about the benefits of vegetables and fruits and, trust me you will get intrigued. Try that for a week and pay attention how you feel, do you see any differences or not. That will show you if you want to change your life style or you are already good with the one that you have.

Next step is to go deeper. After 3 years of cooking on my own and little bit in dark, because I didn`t knew how to prepare some heathy food to taste good, I decide to start cooking class. Healthy cooking. I am currently at cooking program with Pili Borra and I have learned so much about the food. I learned about the benefits for all the food that I am eating now and this is priceless. I`ve started to use spices that I have never used before, I stared to use olive and coconut oil for cooking, so much. I think that it`s important to go to cooking classes if you want to change the way of cooking. If you are new to this, and if you prepare something that you don`t like you will easily switch to the old. And on the other hand if you learn to prepare to taste good you will never go back to old.

It`s fun and relaxing! I think that the kitchen is the only place where I can get fully creative.

What I got from changing my diet. I have to admit there is pros and cons. I will start with cons. In the restaurant you don`t have a lots of choice. The only think if you want heathy is salad. You can easily get born with this food, if you are not creative person. There is no replacement for chees and croissant, for example that`s something that I really like. I still have them once in a while 🙂 . And the pros, I don`t know where to start. You will tasty vegetables in a totally different level. You will lean to prepare cereals, pulses is so many ways. You will learn to use super foods, seaweeds. You will have more energy, you will improve your immune system. You will be in better mood, there is so much more that you can win and nothing to lose.

This is my experience, and I will gladly answer all of your questions if you have them or if you want to know something that I haven` t mentioned in this post.