I`m still in shock when I saw that this product was launched back in 2012! OMG! I don`t remember using make-up at that age 🙂 ! Anyways I discovered this product about 10 months ago and I`ve been using it ever since, at least when I`m using make up. I have to admit that Nars is among my favourite make-up brands and I do sometimes force myself to like everything from one brand especially when I like, but REALLY like more than 3 of their products. I don`t know is it just me or everyone is like that. That happen with CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG HYDRATING GLOW TINT. I was struggling to find use for this product for 3 months, since I got it. First I picked wrong shade, I have the lightest one, which is sooo not me. I don`t like the texture, it`s thick mousse consistency and it`s definitely not hydrating. But I`m not reviewing this product in this post so I will stop to talk about it before you click on the x button. You are here to read about Nars Tinted Moisturiser so I will talk about it.

This is hands down the best foundation that I ever tried (except NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Liquid Foundation). I adore it! It gives the fresh and dewy finish that I love so much, but it’s not heavy or greasy. I’d apply moisturiser before tinted moisturiser, and it has a built-in sunscreen. And hello summer is here, we need SPF!

The formula is oil-free but still manages to feel hydrating, and the effects are long-lasting. In terms of coverage, I actually think that it’s quite light to medium, but definitely lighter. You can`t cover too much, but it`s perfect for day time, when you don`t need much coverage.  There’s also a Vitamin C derivative in it, that helps to protect the skin against free-radical damage, and the SPF protects against both UVB and UVA rays which make this moisturizer perfect for upcoming months.

I have been wearing “Alaska” (shade 2) every day for the past couple of months and I can’t find anything I don’t like about it. But recently I started to mix it with CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG HYDRATING GLOW TINT and somehow I get perfect coverage and perfect shade for my skin tone at the moment. So if you have these 2 definitely try it together. If not don`t bother buying CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG HYDRATING GLOW TINT on its own, I don`t recommend it.

If you’d like to see it “in action”, I’m wearing it on the picture above and below and in this post too that was published last week.