Couple of days ago I read that women put an average of 168 chemicals on their body every day. That number was eye-opening definitely but it`s not so bad as it`s sounds. I personally don’t like to read the articles with disturbing titles like “An average woman put 168 chemicals on their body”. It sounds scary, right? Some of these chemicals are completely harmless, but others are not. I decided to write a post about natural product not to make you to go into your bathroom to throw all of your beauty products, but just to give you my reviews about some natural products that I have been using for one month and they have the same effect on my skin like the ones that I used before or even better. I still can`t transfer completely on natural product, but step by step. It all takes time. I value living a clean lifestyle and to help more people go the natural route, I thought I’d share some of the natural products that I use.

Face Wash– I have very sensitive and dry skin so I use Jason Pure Natural Super C Cleanser. It doesn`t over dry my skin, it`s very gentle and removes makeup very easily.

Face Mask– I use it once a week. Because my skin is sensitive and dry, I have to be careful about using masks that are too strong by this one is so light that I can use it every day, but guess it`s a laziness or lack of time to do it every day. My favourite is made by Cattier. Their Clay Mask is light and it calms the redness that I have sometimes around my cheekbones and it leaves my skin fresh with natural glow. It has aloe vera and pink clay which are the amazing ingredients for sensitive skin.

Eye-make up Remover– My eyes get red every time after removing make up from my eyes. I tired different product, the last one that I used was Bioderma and it was ok, but this Corpore Sano is amazing. It removes make up from eye area in a gentle way so you don`t have to rub it. No more redeyes !

Body Milk–This Cattier body milk is actually baby cleansing milk but I like it anyway :). It makes my skin soft and smooth, the only thing that I don`t like is the smell. It smells like almond milk, but there are so many different fragrance that you can find and I am sure that you will find the smell that you like. I am thinking to try something else next time so please give me some recommendations if you have dry and sensitive skin.

Shampoo– I use Jason Intensive moisture shampoo for dry hair. With this product I am not satisfied completely. I color my hair so it gets dry so I still need to use some good conditioner. Maybe I will try with some other brand but I think that I will have to go back to my old products.

Deodorant– I use Jason tea tree deodorant stick and I am completely satisfied with this product. Armpits are very sensitive area because on that area we have lots of glads, so you should consider going at least for natural deodorant. This was the first natural product that I bought 🙂

Toothpaste– We use Jason Powersmile. It`s a good one it has nice minty taste and it`s natural. Perfect for us!


If you have any experience in using natural products please let me know your experience and your favourite in comments !