As I promised in previous post I`ll be posting outfits that I shoot just week before I got our babyboy. I have to admit that being mum of new-born is very hard, but at the same time there are no words to explain the feeling. I`m trying to stay active with blog and Instagram, but honestly when I have free time, I try to sleep or to eat, or to spend time with my husband who is by the way very supportive. What I find the most difficult for this past 3 weeks is not having enough sleep and breastfeeding. I want to breastfeed my baby because I know how beneficial is that to him and of course I enjoyed it, but honestly that`s the most exhausting thing. My lactation consultant says that the first month and a half is the hardest, till you don`t make enough “milk supply” for your little one. I`m positive about that so we`ll see 🙂 . Other than that Viktor is amazing healthy baby, we are truly blessed.

p.s I would really like to hear some tips from experienced moms about breastfeeding or if you have any tips for the newborns.

I was wearing

DRESS ( ZARA ) similar


FLATS ( chanel )

  BRACELET ( hermes ) similar

ph. Monika Pavlovic