Spring is finally here, that means that it`s time to update your lipstick color palette. Natural look with stand out lips is something that will be trend for spring/summer 2017. If you’re not ready to dive into the vibrant world of blues and oranges (since I`m not 🙂 ), I have something a bit more subtle for you. Whether you like matte, gloss, or glitter these are the colors to look out for this spring.


Coral lip gloss or lipstick if you prefer is a must-have for every girl. The peachy shade is great for all sorts of occasions; whether it`s a day in the office, a girls` night out or having a simple meal at a restaurant. This is my favourite color for day time.

wearing Bobbi Brown lip gloss


I also love these pink/coral hues to give a pop of color to my make-up look. I like to use blush in this tone and together with this lipstick it makes perfect make up look for day to night.

wearing Rouge Dior baume


If you like more neutral approach to lipstick with a shade that wasn’t quite nude, but wasn’t quite pink either then this color is for you. Between the two you get this gorgeous, understated tawny rose hue. I like this shade of nude because it match my skin tone perfectly, again perfect for day to night look.

wearing Estee Lauder Pure color envy matte


If you want to be a bit more daring, try out these purple hues. There are a variety of tones but I think these look good for a night look. Dark lips tend to be more for fall or winter but by my opinion it looks nice on sun kissed skin too. This color works well with a minimalistic eye makeup look. Every time I wear strong lips I tend to wear natural eye make-up, or I just wear eyeliner.

wearing NARS velvet matte lip pencil


Fuchsias are the new hot pink. The purple-pink hue is a more sophisticated and I have to admit that I`m pretty hooked on this color. I like to wear it during the day and night, and I like matt alternative better!

wearing Bourjois rouge edition velvet