With the arrival of summer I like to change my make-up routine and products because the weather gets hotter and wetter every day. These are my favourite products for the season that together achieve the ideal light summer make-up look. I especially love the Estee Lauder Enlighten EE cream because it has all the proper elements: medium coverage with a natural feeling, high hidratation, long-lasting and it also has SPF 30 which is very important for me because I have very sensitive skin, along with a Natural Healthy Glow Powder and mascara from Guerlan, Bobbi Brown  eye shadow to fill my browns, I’m all ready for a hot day. Here you can see how I do my make-up routine. Hope you like it and let us know what`s your summer make up look!

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Estee Lauder EE cream 02 Medium; Guerlan Terracotta Natural Healthy Glow powder Duo 02 naturel blondes ; Dior Luminizer iridescent radioance cream; Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Blonde 21; Guerlain Clis D`Enfer mascara 01 black; Guerlain Kisskiss lipstick in sexy coral 344

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  ph.Monika Pavlovic