I would like to start this post with this fact and then I am sure that you will keep reading the rest!

2 tablespoon of chia seeds contain 64 % potassium then banana, 6 x calcium than milk, 100 % fatty acids then salmon, 6x more iron then spinach, 32% of your daily magnesium, double antioxidants found in blueberries, 41% of your daily fibre, more niacin then corn, rise and soy.

With all this benefits that chia seeds has it is already enough reason for you to go to your closet healthy food store and to buy it, but I will tell you more about it.

  • Chia seeds helps to control appetite and balance blood sugar. In my case I will have to tell you that I usually put in my smoothie before my workout and it keeps me full for about 3 hours, but the great thing about it is that I don`t crave for sweet after workout. So it does balance blood sugar, but it doesn’t keep me full for a long time.
  • Improves memory mood and energy. I can bet on these 3! I definitely feel more focus and more energetic during my workout, which is definitely improving my mood too!
  • Boost hair, nail and skin health. This is also true but you will have to use it about month and half to see a little improvement. Chis seeds a great source of protein and vitamin B complex and that`s way it is good for hair nail and skin.
  • It`s gluten free!
  • It`s good for your heart since it has lots of Omega 3
  • It has fibre great for your digestion

Let me know your thoughts about chia seeds in the comments!