This is Smile & Style

This is Smile & Style

Hello my dear friends!

In the last months we have been preparing the launch of this new blog where we will share with you our vision about style, travel, beauty, food, design and many other things, always from our positive perspective, loving live and enjoying every moment.

The ones that have already been following my previous blog Ana Ristic already know me a bit better, and for those I wanted to explain a little bit why I decided to create this new project.

Fashion and style was not always my priority, I actually studied Civil Engineering at University 🙂 It was a profession I enjoyed but in many ways I often felt I was missing out on something a little more creative. I always loved clothes but didn’t know anything about fashion, the only things I knew came from my sister, that is a fashion designer, but somehow all this felt also very natural to me.

In the last years I have been living in many places, and that helped me to discover many things, but most importantly myself, and that’s why I started my previous blog, because I wanted to share my experiences and my life with other people that could have similar interests. The blog was important to me because it kept me busy, and focused on that, because I enjoyed it a lot. But in that blog I was very focused on my style, and sharing outfits, and somehow this wasn’t enough anymore, maybe I grew up! 🙂

Then it suddendly was clear to me, that I needed to take one more step, and this is why I decided to launch Smile & Style, to share many other stories that are not just about style, but also about travel, beauty, food, healthy tips…always having in mind, that number one is being happy and enjoying what you do, with a big SMILE.

I hope we can share together new experiences, and hopefully we can inspire you in many ways, this is what this blog is about. This project wouldn’t be possible without my great team, so thanks to them as well for the hard work, and let’s get started and Smile & Style!



ph. Monika Pavlovic