Ok so you’ve arrived! Congratulations for making a first step, you’ve done so much to be here and you are going to have a great time! This is the beginning of your new life adventure. You’re now in a beautiful exciting city and I bet you can’t wait to go out and to explore it. But first! There are things you need to do. In this post I want to share with you my experience about moving to other countries. So let`s start.

  • Get yourself a house
    So obvious but maybe the most annoying part for me. I really don`t like to go and look for apartment because I always compare it with ours that we have in Belgrade, but we have to live somewhere so… I would recommend finding apartment somewhere with shorter and more flexible terms for renting so that you can take a few months to see if you like the neighborhood – you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn in the beginning about where you want to live.
  • Get a job

This will be the step that is definitely necessary to do, but I don`t have an experience in looking for a job in foreigner countries so let`s just say… You need a job! 🙂

  • Do all the paperwork
    Legitimizing your life in a new country is the most important part. Hopefully you’ve got your working visa sorted, or it’s being sorted. I am getting mine done over my husband, since he always have working visa anywhere we go. But be sure to ask and take all the paper you need before you come to your new destination.
  • Getting over with your homesickness
    Moving to a new place is really tough, no matter if it’s a few states or a whole continent away. Particularly if you’ve moved alone, but even when you move with a partner, the feeling of being out of place and away from the ones you love can be very hard. When I first moved to Ankara even though I had my husband with me I missed my parents and my sister and all those familiar things. It helped me to stay in touch with my family a lot ( thanks to facetime and whatsapp ), I focused on planning some fun things in the future Like places that we can visit or I treated myself every now and then to something nice, like going to a racialists or a massage. Just find something that works for you, something that can lift you up.
  • Meet new people
    Living away from home, your new friends are going to be your family now more than ever, so invest as much time in making new ones. If you already have a few that`s just great! But more is more when it comes to friends. Join a sport team, do some group fitness, take classes to learn a new language – do whatever you can to just meet new people. Trust me making new friends is the most important thing not to feel alone. They’ll be the people who will make you feel better when you’re having a down day and that`s priceless. But don`t forget about those ones that you have at home!
  • Get out and explore
    Wandering the streets is the best way to get to know your new home. But check to see if there are any unsafe no-go areas before you do this.
  • Try not to stress
    Moving cities can be very stressful, trust me I`ve been there, so don’t be too hard on yourself. These things will work out over time and everything will be fine. Believe me. Yoga does wonders for stress levels or any kind of sports so make sure to find a gym or yoga studio. This is also a one of the way to meet people too!

Good Luck!

ph.Monika Pavlovic