Couple of days ago I was scrolling style category on my blog to check what type of outfits I was missing the most, and office style outfits were in deficit. So here is the one!

Here I paired something that is, not by my standards, classic office outfit. Chunky sweater and midi skit is something that is trendy at the moment and yet it looks very sophisticate. I also think that it`s very important to feel comfortable while you working and to have comfy shoes if you are not spending the whole day in the office. Sometimes I see woman in extremely high heels, I do admire them, but I`m sure that they don`t feel comfortable. I think that it`s better to think about your work then about the pain in your swollen feet, right? This type of skirt is always a good idea to have, because you can pair it with tops, blouses, sweaters, shirts and you will always look smart. They work perfect on any figure.

And considering shoes. With this type of skirt I like to wear heels, because I`m not very tall, but if you are taller you can go with flats too. This pair I got from Zara on sale, but I will insert similar one.

I was wearing

SKIRT COS  similar , similar , similar

SWEATER ZARA similar similar

ANKLE BOOTS similar similar