Winter skin care

Probably you all know that during the winter we need to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize skin. In fact, during winter our typical skin type might shift—oily skin becomes normal, normal skin becomes dry, and dry skin becomes sensitive and irritated. Mine is the last :(, dry, sensitive and irritated. And on this post I will give you my tips how my skin survives these cold days.

Since I have very thin skin, I have to pay more attention on the area around eyes and on my cheeks. As we move between cold outdoor temperatures and warm, dry indoor temperatures, our skin becomes “confused” and loses its ability to regulate itself and adjust to the ever-changing conditions, which for girls like me who has widened capillaries is asking more care.

Cleansing routine. The skin care routine you use in the summer won’t serve you in the winter. Shift to a lighter cleanser. I use gentle cleansing milks or mild and non-alcohol-based cleansers. I want to be gentle to my skin since the weather is not 🙂

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I know I said that on the begin 🙂 but during winter, we need heavier moisturizers. I don`t know for all skin types but dry and sensitive skins needs, trust me 🙂

Wear sunscreen. Apply a sunscreen with at least 15 SPF every day. Cream with SPF are heavier, so there you go! You have heavier moisturizer! 🙂

Pay attention to body, hands and lips! Since I have very dry skin I use body milks for atopic skin, that’s the only thing that works for me.If you are not that extreme like me you can go with some body milk who has aloe vera as ingredient,it`s very good for skin. For lips I am using Avene lip cream it`s the only thing that helps my lips during this cold winter days.

Here is the list of products that I am using during winter for my skin routine

for face :

CLARINS ( cleansing milk with alpine herbs )

CLARINS ( exfoliating cream with microbeads )

CLARINS ( toning lotion with camomile )

CLARINS ( pure and radiant mask )

DIEGO DALLA PALMA skin lab professional ( eye contour cream )

DIEGO DALLA PALMA skin lab professional (soothing cream for couperose SPF 15 )

CLARINS ( hydraquench intensive serum bi-phase )

CLARINS ( multi-active day )

for body :

BIOTHERM ( gentle exfoliating milk with citrus and essential oil )

AVENE TriXera ( emollient and cleansing gel )

AVENE TriXera ( emollient cream )

lips :

AVENE lip cream ( cold cream )

hands :

VASELINE ( aloe fresh )
P.s  Don`t forget to be active ! Staying active will help stimulate blood circulation, which is good for your skin.


Good luck