As you can tell by my social platforms, my summer was quite lazy (for working on my blog) but very active to enjoying the life and spending time with family which is not possible during the year. I had a little gilt for leaving behind blog, but I didn`t regret a second. It was a beautiful, emotional and exciting summer for me. I have visited lots of places, Zlatibor is not one of them. Zlatibor is my childhood place that I have been visiting every winter with my family. That`s the place where I first stepped on skis, celebrated lots of new year`s eves and Christmas… in one word…place with lots of memories. This time was different, first, I was in the summer and second it was “girls” trip. I still get emotional just by writing this because this summer I realized how time is going wayyy to fast. I remembered how my parents used to take us there, and now with my pregnant sister, going back to that place after so many year is just weird ( but in a good way ! ).


I am not going to rambling about me being emotional now :), let`s talk about this beautiful mountain which is only 3, 5 hours drive from Belgrade. Don`t expect good skiing here but the nature is amazing.

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In this post I will talk about few places that we visited. For those who follow me on Snapchat (smile&style) and Instagram have seen the videos that I have been uploading, and for those who didn`t I took some pictures 🙂


I definitely recommend renting a nice house in the woods. That`s the best way to feel Zlatibor`s nature. Definitely a big NO is to stay in the “centre”, because you won`t get that mountain vibe.

See & Do

First just explore Zlatibor, walk to the Zlatibor lake, visit the monument on Sumatno brdo, it`s 5 km away from the centre towards town Zlatibor. There is a nice illuminated path leading to the monument, definitely worth visiting.

Stopica cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia. I haven`t seen many 🙂 , but this one was quite impressive for me. It is only 19 km away from centre of Zlatibor.

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Gostilje waterfall this place was very impressive for me and by the legend fairies were taking bath here. I would definitely like to have a bathtub there :), the place is so relaxing and peaceful. The only thing that you hear is the strength of the water, amazing. It is situated in the village Gostilje about 25 km from Zlatibor centre.

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Sirogonjno. In this charming small village I recommend you to visit open air museum or “ethno village” known as the Old Village Museum. Sirogojno is mostly famous for ethnological museum and Sirogojno sweaters made of raw wool. Don`t miss to visit the shop and to buy the best sweater ever!

Eat & Drink

I don`t have a specific place to recommend. I haven`t tried any restaurant that was good enough for me to recommend. I will only recommend you to try “komplet lepinja” in Zlatni bor restaurant it is a national food in Zlatibor and it tasty 🙂 , and if you are going my car go to Zlakusa fish restaurant in Potpece village.